How to restore contamination levels after lockdown could affect second wave of corona virus patients

The world feels independent under lockdown. Traffic is light with fewer people on the roads. We burn less coal and oil. It all helps to clean the air. Online users in different parts of the world post pictures of invisible blue and unreliable scales on social media. Better air quality is a precipitation. "It gives a glimpse of what the wind will be like in the near future. Along with the transition to clean energy," says Larry Mile Verta of the Center for Research on Energy and Clean Air (CREA). Energy and Clean Air (CREA) 's Lori Miley Verta says. But what happens after the lockdown is not certain.

With the risk of re-emergence in air pollution after the lockdown, researchers are investigating the link between the deterioration and the deaths of Cowed-19. It makes sense. - Also linked to bad weather - as a major threat to the Cove 19.