Malaysia, hang your heads in shame. How can you allow a massive jet carrying 239 people on board to go off radar with no communications and continue to fly for 7 hours on an unplanned flight path and not challenge this? Where were the jets scrambled to find it? The world and more importantly the relative's have been lied to horribly.if this is the plane (I don't believe it) and it did crash in Indian ocean then I can only pray that it was an instant death because how awful to think that it could have landed on the sea awaiting rescue that would never come because they were too busy chasing fake passports and not satellite pings. It's perfectly plausible that when the plane ran out of fuel,and with a pilot flying it,it could have glided for a sea landing and taken a while to sink.How convenient for Malaysia if this plane is never really found. A few bits of supposed debris is not proof this plane crashed there- the families deserve the truth.RIP the passengers of MH370 ..Sorry you were failed...

All of this is just speculation at the moment, they may have found wreckage, sorry no its not and again they may have found wreckage only for the poor relatives to get their hopes up just to have them dashed yet again. We would all like to know what happened to flight MH 370 but until something concrete is found the relatives will keep suffering through the media reporting false hoods rather than facts.

All they have found is what the Malaysian government wants them to find. That plane could not have flown that far without being seen on radar somewhere. Something is being hidden - something not right.

Sad to say that the relatives and friends need to face the idea that they may never be found, and the truth about what actually happened may never be discovered.